About Sansun Design

About Sansun Design

Three on the brand design studio set up in September 2014, the current team of 6 people. All by the no longer willing to the status quo of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other large design company for many years experience in the design of young people. Now the main business team is the brand VI design, SI commercial space design, exhibition and exhibition design. Accurate understanding of the meaning of customer brand, and the use of our professional design accurate interpretation of the customer’s brand value. To create a significant differentiation and uniqueness of the brand image, to maximize the customer brand image and is our pursuit of the only goal.

Cooperation mode

1, a separate project cooperation 2, the monthly fee paid cooperation 3, the annual pay cooperation (please contact us for details)

Brand overall image integration

With more than 10 years of fashion brand design communication and brand operation of the industry experience for the brand to establish and disseminate the provision of accurate language. To the advantages of resource integration, to provide customers with commercial space design as the core, visual communication, exhibition planning and other multi-channel interoperability design and implementation platform.

Design and Construction of Commercial Space Image

We design for the ultimate experience of the project – customers, residents, visitors or employees – to get a strategic return to the customer, and the emotional return to the community. At the design stage, the views of the parties are often different due to different business positions and needs. Our experience is just the opposite: to achieve the best possible business goals by creating and providing an extraordinary experience for the day-to-day users of the project. Projects include, all kinds of store design, counter design, shop in the shop design, office space design, exhibition design and other commercial space design and construction.

Brand VI system optimization

In the early stage of brand building, combined with the concept of brand communication into a complete brand visual system, providing a complete brand VIS strategy. Which includes LOGO design, VIS identification design, VIS design implementation, import, VIS design import tracking, evaluation and other brand image, and through effective and feasible strategy to promote its successful landing.

Design integration business strategy

All of our clients have been fully aware of the great design that can accomplish great companies – they commissioned three because we were able to create something different, not on paper. They understand that design is a powerful tool for achieving any business goals, whether it is increasing traffic and turnover, increasing brand awareness, or improving employee enthusiasm and productivity. Similarly, through the sustainable development strategy, the design can also minimize the cost of construction project resource consumption.